Your Kick-Ass Wisdom 4 More Passionate Living – Mad dogging it

Mad dogging it to the top..

Get mad at yourself enough to change your life.  Now you may have it all together; that perfect family, the most adorable life partner, the huge mansion, the Porsche, the fat checks, and lavish Trump-style golf vacations.  Those of you reading this most likely are neck deep in student loan debt, maxed out on your credit cards, living at home or in a studio apartment, and are working a job or two paying your way through school.  

I’ve been there and still am in many ways.  The jacked up thing is we all know friends and family who don’t give a shit about us or can care less if we are covered in it.  

But that’s okay because we are the only ones who know ourselves best and we can both learn and own up to our own mistakes, failures, and other life’s WTF moments.  Knowing full well that change first begins from the inside out, and with God’s grace we can become better than that past or that reflection in the broken glass.  

What are your voices screaming at you… 

Now I’m speaking out loud to those annoying voices from the past saying to play it safe and don’t rock the boat or tell your boss to go to hell. 

Maybe it’s jealousy; that emotion we try our best to hide behind our fake ass smile and grin like the Cheshire Cat who just had a lobotomy and life’s just one big kumbaya campfire song as we are roasting S’mores or those teenie weenie sausages. 

It’s fine to get angry, smash that guitar and use it as kindling for the fire, and ignite that flaming fuck inside; listening to your inner passions and fanning the flames of that long-burning desire. 

Why do we give a Hoover Dam about what others may think or say when we are the ones having to live with the consequences of our own choices.  Isn’t it about time we gave an overflowing fuck about what our heart really wants and stop trying to please others.  

Just release the floodgates on that vision you cast a shadow on some time ago as not to appear nakedly foolish in front of others and skinny dip into your destiny today.

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