Sleeping with Evil Intent – The US Government Is Involved In Mandalay Bay 

The following is comprised from various sources and slowly developing…we are merely stating various potential players allegedly involved and feels a full inquiry is warranted into the disturbing accounts from eyewitnesses…

We are under attack from within.  The enemy is sleeping under the covers of darkness right in front of us at the highest levels of the shadow government.  
43 year old Scott Edmisten was arrested in Tennessee with a small but rather significant arsenal in his property.  This was a mere 32 hours after the Las Vegas domestic terrorist attack.  Perhaps he was the second shooter on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay.  It only takes 26 hours to drive between these two points.  

Massive Freeway and Street Demonstrations 

November 4th is when it all begins.  This is the day we will see massive civil unrest and demonstrations in all our urban centers, corridors of transportation, and even more acts of violence directed towards Conservative groups, supporters, and churches.  The aim of the Antifa and other Left-leaning groups whose focus will be to ignite the flames of divisiveness through more aggressive and violent civil disobedience and civic chaos.  
There were multiple shooters and as we soon will find out the FBI and the CIA are both involved in helping orchestrate and coordinate this latest Red Flag chaos of catastrophe in Nevada.  The Domestic Terrorist Incident (DTI) in Las Vegas is our current 9/11 and we must pressure our POTUS to fully investigate all the evidence in this covert ops event.  
The narrative played out in the mainstream media is slowly unraveling and it’s thanks to the independent alternative choices we have in journalism; bloggers, YouTubers, and the like that will force the hand of our government to admit that the above scenario is very much true.  The endgame is not only an impeachment of President Trump but a total restructuring of our US Constitution and the revoking of the second amendment.  

More on this later…

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