(Part 1 of Passion Angel Bear Bedtime Stories) Dreaming Of Winter Paradise 

Stop Complaining and Start Living Your Most Special and Heartfelt Gift in Your Season of Winter Paradise… 

Your future is not dictated by who is in office or the political high or low blow of the day.  You are in charge of your own destiny (well you, God, Santa, the Gift Fairy, or Baby Jesus.) 

But whoever you choose to live your life in accordance to; just remember, you’ve got to trust in someone.  And everybarebody needs somewarmbody to hold onto.  Especially when it’s damn cold outside baby.  

Blinded by the Moonlight or that Bare Cuddle Bear In Your Bed…

Maybe it’s blind faith, born again living, or somewhere in between where you came from and your paradise found in the embrace of that passion angel bear kissing you to sleep at night.  

However you choose to live and whoever you place your trust in just remember it’s far easier to weather the storms of this chaotic world if we have someone to hold on to and love our challenges away. 

We all have a soulmate (or a passion angel bear)  hitchhiking along the same snowy highway we’re on; sometimes we just have to slow down and watch for the signs on our journey to that home sweet home deep within the lust forest of love. 

Your winter paradise is just one kiss away…don’t let that moment pass as it may be gone forever.  Let the love your soul so decadently desires take your breath away under the tree of life.  As you lay your beautifully unwrapped gifts for each other in the warmth of the fireplace under the glow of the moonlight cascading off the snow. 

“Love is that priceless gift under the Christmas tree.  It can only be unwrapped by the Kiss of that Passion Angel you are destined to be with for all eternity.  Once it’s opened it becomes more valuable with each passing day.  The reason for the season is best shared with love for one another.” 

-JJ Adams 

©2017 DIVE Publishing. All Rights Reserved. 

Happy Holidays and to all a good time.  

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