Today Your Bad-Ass Angel Riding Shotgun Wants You To Know…(from the Rooftop Coffee Chat Series) 

Life is a Detour – Set your Sights on Cruise Control and enjoy the view 

Life will not always go the way you planned.  The route you thought you thoroughly prepared for and found to be the fastest road to your success; only to be washed out when you are within sight of your destination.  Only then will you find that secret passageway which will galvanize your senses into submission to your truest most intimate desires. 

Life is the Unmarked Highway 

Tenacity builds bridges over the unexpected, but it is through sheer willpower which leads us to search for that hidden passage deep within. 

Our greatest potential is discovered in the detours of life.  Our greatest strength is empowered through the pain of the struggle.  To not only survive, but to thrive in both our strife and our strive to inspire the genius speaking to our heart and soul.  

© 2017 Mark Adam and DIVE Publishing.  All Rights Reserved.  

“Ignite your Passion” TM 

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