Control and Containment in the Age of COVID Enlightenment

The Fight of our Life

We all should know by now this whole pandemic was really based out of the ‘Politics of Fear.’ Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals is their Socialist Revival and Bible for Global Control and Containment of the Masses.

Social conditioning equates to social distancing and silencing our voice with the ‘Mask of Submission.’ How else will they win unless they have us all on our knees as they force a DeepThroat of Hate and Lies before the Altar of the Illuminati Ruling Class.

The scenario goes like this. Trump gets poisoned (the COVID-19) or infected…it’s all the same and his entire team. He recovers because he’s bad-ass and King Savage at the Art of the Game.

Joe ‘Pedophile’ Biden (he does grope little girls and boys) and so does Pope Francis. Biden is Catholic by the way and if you confess all your sins by Sunday you are forgiven. So go and sin some more.

Kamala ‘Kneepad’ Harris, well she’s praying she gets the Presidential Seal of Approval from her lobbyist friends. Pelosi’s push for the 25th Amendment will see to that. It’s not for Trump, but to ensure Biden is unable to finish off (Kamala can do that just fine) his first term and Kamala ‘Kneepad’ Harris gets to be the first woman (Indian/Black) it don’t matter at this point, President. She will be the payback the Illuminati wants to ram down our throats since they are all pissed off Hillary Clinton lost. Maybe if people actually liked her, but just like Kamala they don’t. Which is why Kamala loves ‘Backdoor politics or should we say Headboard…

Funny how school shootings, Amazon rainforest fires, plastic straws, human sex trafficking, release of prisoners due to the pandemic…did I miss anything? I’ll follow suit later in another post. All this shit is suddenly a nonissue.

I wonder why!

Update. I still support our President Donald Trump and believe America will win in 2021.

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