Today Your ‘Spark of Passion’ Purpose Reveals…’The Moment We Let Go Is When We Find Our Soul’ – From The Passion Cafe Series (Brewed 2 Perfection)                 Disclaimer: Some content in this series may be for mature audiences only.  Reader discretion is advised. 

“You’re only given a little spark of madness.  If you lose that, you’re nothing.” – Robin Williams 

Isn’t that how our relations with others tend to be.  Especially as we try to impress that someone (maybe still a total stranger) we have a huge crush on.  We dress our best, put on our most fitting and bewitching masquerade mask, and cast our love spell over that ‘perfect guy or girl.’ 

Some of us have a whole fireworks display of madness in our arsenal.  Shooting an array of sparks in every direction hoping to light that fire, even for just one night or season of love.  

Madly In Love Gone Wild 

You can call it Serial Dating, Serial Romancing, Unbridled Passion, Inner Goddess Awakening, or just some serious pole dancing.  This ‘Dancing Between the Sheets’ while club hopping in the streets can lead to getting hit by the bus if you aren’t looking both ways before you cross. 

It’s perfectly okay to fall madly in love with that dream in your embrace.  You can lose control, but don’t lose yourself in the process of finding true intimacy and longevity in the romance.  If you lose that spark, you will be left with only ashes, and a smoldering remnant of what once was.  

Backstage Hot Love Gone Tomorrow Bad Romance 

Don’t realize what ya got till its gone because Cinderella may have left more than just her glass slipper behind backstage.  The irony of the song is we all want to blame the other person for something we failed to say or do to make things right. 

Life will last more than an 80s song and this is where true love speaks more than words…to make it real as we say I love you in Extreme action.  

Divine Luck As We Spin The Bottle Of Twisted Faith 

I still pick up a penny for luck or wish upon a shooting star.  But the genie in a micro-brew bottle resides within you…a multitude of your most delightful decadent desires.  But it is up to you in allowing the ice cold bottle of fate to guide you to your lust-thirst soulmate.

So ask your dream angel to send you that ‘spark of love,’ rekindling that magical serendipity deep within, telling her while on your knees in the red neon temple of the Queen of Hearts…

Hold me close and don’t ever let me go.  I desire more than just a bad romance or self-love applause for a climatic grand performance.  

The Chosen Most Passionate Shot Glass Of Divine Nirvana 

If you are the destined one your encore will save my jaded soul in your heavenly embrace.  I long to pour it down slow…your shot glass of tropical sweet satisfaction. 

Even for just one last dance under the stars, that mango tango we wet our collective appetites to.  So let’s dress as Nero while Rome burns all around us tonight and the flames of our unbridled passion rule our night.  May the fires consume our collective souls for one last chance at this crazy beautiful thing called love. 

© 2017 Mark Adam and DIVE Publishing in partnership with Flight2Love Productions.  All Rights Reserved. 

Song references: Cinderella, Extreme, Twisted Sister, Lady Gaga 

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