Relation-Ship of Fools in the Sea of Love (Part 1 of 5 in the ‘Pursuing Love to the Edge of Forever Series’)

Relation-Ship of Fools or Folly 

Great relationships are not impossible, they are probable.  They involve mutually-beneficial commitment and an equal share of sacrifice.  

Where You At…You Attract 

A long-term serious relationship begins with the end in mind and great conversation.  The invisible thread connecting our hearts together (long distance or closer to home)-centering our souls to that heaven within as we engage our mind and body with our duet of our own love song. 

Communication is the key to inner and outward success since nonverbal cues are even more crucial to core stability than outward verbal sparring.  The ‘silent treatment’ which can suffocate any life-giving sustenance out of the person.  If our core values don’t align to the truth within ourselves, then your bed of roses will turn into a bed of thorns. 

This can also apply to social media where the airing of ‘dirty laundry’ or ‘yellow press gossip’ is used to slander or unduly bring someone down for the count.  As if we are in a pay-per-view fighting match and the victor wins the Big Gold Belt. 

Demarcate Me Not 

It is better to settle your differences and resolve your conflicts within the privacy of a neutral place before declaring your bed chambers as a demarcation zone.  This will only result in dirty empty sheets left behind in its wake.  Isn’t it better to talk it out over two glasses of the best wine and dine as though your bodies were destined for the main entree to be shared together as one with the embrace of passion to finish off the night.  

The Culmination Ceremony 

The culmination of a grand culinary spread…where passion is the garnish and love is the secret addictive ingredient which satisfies our mind, body, and soul. 

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