Love is Divine like the Finest of Wine 🍷 

To Thine Own Self Be True

If you remain true to yourself, your reflection in the mirror will only cast forth the Light of Oneness; it shall never deceive or lie to you.  

Your Reflection Staring Back At You 

If you are unfaithful to yourself and others then that reflection in the mirror will only be a shadow of a life which was not lived with a purpose or with a passion for love.

Set Sail 

God’s grace is a free gift to you but you must be open to embrace it and you must love yourself as He has loved you. 

Only then will you have the divine power within to love others; even those who choose conflict and intolerance over peace and understanding. 

Kissing the Wind 

When we broaden our horizons and set sail from our small island onto the open seas ahead; we will have that chance to live with abandon and to kiss the wind which navigates our course towards a change life.  One which will lead us to a destination outside our comfort zone or border of ‘practical complacency.’ TM 

©DIVE Publishing 2017 

©”Love is Divine” 

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